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Your Business is a Reflection of You

That’s why you need to hire professionals who will work hard to make your brand look great and you more successful.

Stay focussed on your work and let us sweat the details of developing a website for you that provides a measurable return on your investment.

We'll Save You Time & Money!

On average, our pricing is almost always $800-$1,200 less than our competitors.

Free Changes to Your Website

Additions and changes to your website made within minutes of your request!

Attention to Detail on the OCD Scale

We promise to sweat the details of your website as if it were our very own.

Free Remote Computer Support!

Our Advanced Hosting clients enjoy free remote PC computer support.

Business-Class Hosting & More

Full-service server management at no extra charge for our advanced hosting clients.

Website Financing Available

For qualified clients, we offer in-house financing to help you get started.

Striking a Fine Balance Between Creativity & Affordability

Copper Leaf Web Design is a small and affordable web design and hosting company located in Colorado Springs. With more than 17 years experience in providing small-to-medium business solutions, we’re confident we can work with you to develop an affordable Internet presence that is sure to capture the attention of your visitors and provide you with a positive return on your investment.

Low-Cost Web Design in Colorado Springs

Web Design & Hosting

Copper Leaf Web Design specializes primarily in informational & service-based websites.

Our goal is to develop a clean, professional, and well-organized website that works 24/7 to convey your best message to visitors who want to know more about you or what you offer.

As a full-service website design company, we also provide business-class hosting and will handle all your server needs free of charge.

Website Makeover & Redesign

Many business websites we’ve seen over the years are in desperate need of a makeover.

If your business website looks old, is out of date, or isn’t providing your information in a structured and logical manner, you are missing opportunities, which your competition is undoubtedly capitalizing on every day.

Website Maintenance & Back-ups

Your business website is much like a living document and will almost certainly require updates with new information from time to time.

If you find maintaining your business website too difficult or time-consuming, we have a very affordable maintenance schedule (free with Advanced Hosting) that can help with updates, while at the same time ensuring your business investment is routinely backed-up and stored at three different locations for security purposes.


Website SEO & Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a critical component of every custom web design. At Copper Leaf Web Design, we adhere to the Google Webmaster Guidelines to ensure your website is compliant.

Another critical component of your website is content. If you already have content, we can incorporate SEO and proof it to ensure your message is well-received. If not, we have experienced content writers who can develop your message affordably.

We are very happy with our new business website and the money we saved! With Copper Leaf Web Design, we’re always getting more for less instead of the other way around! We decided to move our hosting from BlueHost to Copper Leaf’s server and couldn’t be happier with our decision and the customer support we’ve received since. Three different updates we requested after the website was live were completed within an hour of my request and were done at no charge! Very happy!

5-Star Review for Web Design Company in Colorado Springs, CO

Teresa Hood

Company Administrator, Leak Wizard

Our Simple Web Design Cycle

Web design is no different than any other service projects with life cycles and phases. However, a lot of our success is a result of our ability to simplify the process, while at the same time anticipating your business needs. That’s important because your business keeps you busy enough and the last thing you want or need is to have more work put on your plate.

1 - 2 Days : Developing Requirements

Day one is arguably the most important for us. On this day, we collect all the requirements for your new website and begin to filter them down to one coherent plan of action designed to hit the target. In this phase, we’ll have questions and will be looking for specificity to help us better understand you, your likes and dislikes, your business and model, service or product, and your client/customer/end-user. If you already have a website, we’ll look for ways to improve it. We’ll look at your competitors to see where they’re succeeding and failing.

Once we have the information we need, we’ll move onto the next phase, which is development.

  • 10% 10%

7 - 14 Days : Business Website Design

Website development starts with building a framework, establishing settings, and adding pages, content, graphics/images. This stage alone requires at least 40 hours for a basic start-up website. Don’t let those numbers scare you! A lot of what we do at Copper Leaf Web Design is about providing a better and more professional service and isn’t charged to our clients. During this phase, we’ll also provide you with periodic glimpses to ensure we’re moving in the right direction.

  • 75% 75%

2-3 Days : Quality Control & Certification

In this website development phase, we begin reviewing your website’s framework, content (grammar & punctuation), links, forms, Javascript, HTML/CSS, and SEO to help you become better indexed with the major search engines. During this phase of your new business website, we’re very close to going live and want to ensure everything is right!

  • 90% 90%

1-2 Days : Completion

The last days of your business web design, we’ll spend backing up your old website (if you have one) as a courtesy and begin loading your new website onto the server. We’ll confirm everything is working as expected and test forms and email to ensure your visitors are able to send you information and/or reach you. If you don’t already have a server, we’ll need to create and configure (PHP, MySQL, Security, Email, etc.) one for you. Once finished, your business website will be complete and start functioning as a Return on Investment for you.

  • 100% 100%

Copper Leaf Web Design created a wonderful and engaging website for me that caters not only to my clients’ needs but my limited budget as well. The fast and personal attention I receive, even after the project was complete, goes beyond exceptional. I decided to hire Copper Leaf Web Design not to tell them what to do, but to have their knowledge and talent displayed on my website. They have been so much more though. I have finally found my one stop shop for all my technical (Website, SEO, MLS, Email, & Computer) needs. They take care of everything for me and genuinely care about my long-term investment and success, which is priceless.

5-Star Review for Web Design Company in Colorado Springs, CO

Stephanie Hawthorne

Realtor, Colorado Springs

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